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No Added Sugar
No Additives
High Fiber
Gluten Free

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What's in Frutme?

Fruits and nuts, that's it! All Frutme products are suitable for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

What does not Frutme contain?

Gluten-Free, Additive-free, Preservative-free and colorant-free. No added sugar. Does not contain milk and dairy products . No soy and GMOs.

Do your products contain preservatives?

No, none of our products contain preservatives or additives.

Do your products contain artificial coloring?

No, our products do not contain artificial coloring agents.

What causes sugar in your products?

Frutme's sweet taste comes from the sugar naturally found in natural fruits and nuts.Our all products are no sugar added.

Why should I eat Frutme?

Because Frutme is healthy and all natural. Helps to keep you energized and satiated in a pleasant way.

Is Frutme suitable for kids?

Of course. Don’t worry. We produce our products the way we want to feed our own children.

It does not contain any unnatural products such as soy, palm, GMO. 

What is the difference of Frutme?

All natural! There are no additional additives, preservatives, colorants, essences. Thereis nothing artificial in Frutme.